We have spent a lot of time making the highest quality CBD pods to fit your device. Our pods are not like the competition. No wick, no silica, no cotton! Fully compatible with the #1 vape device on the market, these ceramic, leak resistant pods click right into your battery effortlessly. Relax and vape your stress away with each inhale with these cbd pods.

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Convenient and Easy way to use CBD

250MG of CBD packed into a 0.7 ml pod that is convenient and compatible with any JUUL device! Each 0.7 ml cartridge produces approximately 200 puffs delivering about 1.9 MG of high quality CBD per inhalation. Available in 2 high quality terpene profile flavors!.
Vaporizing has proven to be a fantastic alternative to smoking, and now there’s another intriguing product on the market: CBD Juul Pods. The Juul have been used by a while as a way of vaping nicotine in a variety of flavorings, but now it’s possible to use the device with CBD. Vaping is just one way to consume cannabidiol (CBD), but for many it is the most popular way of doing so, because the quick onset of effects makes it the most efficient way to manage their ailment. For example, a CBD user who suffers from severe pain needs a product that can bring relief virtually immediately – this is not only possible with Juul CBD pods, but it is an effortless and enjoyable process. Many find the act of vaping to be very calming – this psychological effect can only be a bonus.